Feb 13 2020

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laws of physics

Researchers characterize the spin couplings in the prototypical single-molecule magnet Mn 1 2 using an advanced neutron scattering technique. Read More

Synopsis: Wind Gusts Could Explain Gamma-Ray Flares

A mysterious gamma-ray emission from the Crab Nebula—a giant interstellar cloud of gas—may be due to fluctuations in the wind blown out from the pulsar in the nebula’s center. Read More

Viewpoint: 3D Imaging of Dislocations

A combination of imaging techniques provides an unprecedented 3D view of a network of crystal defects known as dislocations. Read More

Focus: Video—Physics of Oil Recovery

Experiments mimicking a common oil drilling technique, in which fluid is forced into an oil-filled, porous medium, have uncovered four different flow patterns. Read More

Synopsis: Relativity Survives Scrutiny, Again

Two independent studies show no evidence that a fundamental symmetry in relativity, known as Lorentz invariance, breaks down. Read More

Synopsis: Bloch Theory Scratches the Surfaces

Bloch’s famous theory describing the electron states in a crystalline solid has been recast to apply to surface states as well. Read More

Synopsis: New Constraints on Axion-Gluon Interaction Strength

An analysis of spin-precession data of atoms and neutrons sets some of the tightest limits to date on the strength of interactions between axions and gluons or nucleons. Read More

Viewpoint: Scattering Atoms Catch the d Wave

d-wave interactions like those thought to underlie unconventional superconductivity have been implemented in a cold-atom gas. Read More

Focus: Field-Free Spin Patterns

A vortex-like magnetic spin structure inside a small disk of material is stable without an external magnetic field and might be useful for information storage or processing. Read More

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Laws of physicsLaws of physicsLaws of physics

APS News

APS Members Make Forbes “30 Under 30” List

Four members of APS were named to the annual “30 Under 30 in Science” list published by Forbes magazine


Research News: Editors’ Choice

Electric tears, topological ocean waves, cosmic rays, and more in our monthly recap of papers from the literature.

Q A: Inside a Cell’s Engine Room

George Shubeita describes his studies of the tiny motors that transport vital cargoes within biological cells.

Arts Culture: Going Big with Butterfly Wings

UK artist Paul Evans makes the hidden world of biological color-producing nanostructures visible with his butterfly-inspired art installation.


2017 Nobel Prize in Physics

Prize goes to three physicists for gravitational-wave detection.

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