Feb 14 2020

Consumer Credit Law Centre South Australia, consumer law.

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Consumer Credit Law Centre South Australia

Consumer Credit Law Centre South Australia

Consumer law

Consumer law

Consumer law

Consumer law

Consumer law

The Consumer Credit Law Centre of South Australia (CCLCSA) is the first of its kind in South Australia and focuses on helping people to resolve consumer credit problems including debt, hardship, credit law issues involving disputes with creditors, bankruptcy, mortgage stress, inability to negotiate payment plans and conduct by creditors.

It is a free service and provides access to specialist legal advice, financial counselling and legal representation in areas of credit, banking and finance.

CCLCSA is open Monday – Friday, 9am- 5pm. To make an appointment click on the Get in touch link below

or ring (08) 8342 1800

Motor Vehicles

Are you late with repayments on finance for your car?


Are you struggling with loan or lease payments?

Telco & Utilities

Are you struggling with phone or utility payments?

Credit Card & Other Loans

Are you late making credit card payments?

Home Repossession

Are you concerned about home repossession?

Bad Credit History

Are you concerned about your credit history?


Do you need to know more about bankruptcy?

Consumer Leases

Are you concerned about repayments for your white goods/electronic lease agreement?

Going to Court

Are you going to court for a consumer credit or debt issue?

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