Mar 15 2020

Business Law, 4th Edition, $70, Wiley Direct, business law textbook.

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Business Law, 4th Edition

  • Business law textbook
  • Business law textbook
  • Business law textbook

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Business Law, 4th Edition

Nickolas James

ISBN: 978EEGRP30022

Business Law, 4th Edition by Nickolas James provides you with a unique and interesting introduction to business law. Business students need to know more than what the law is; you need to know where to find it; how to read it, how to use it and how it impacts on all areas of business. Business Law will help you develop a greater awareness of the law and its broad application to business and commercial environments. Delivered as a WileyPLUS Learning Space interactive textbook, this rich digital resource brings business law to life with media such as videos, running case studies, interactives and ‘In a Nutshell’ revision materials embedded at the point of learning.


2. Law in Australia 1: The Australian legal system

3. Law in Australia 2: Politicians and judges

4. Legal skills: How to find, understand and use the law

5. Tort law 1: Deliberate harm

6. Tort law 2: Careless harm

7. Contract law 1: Formation of the contract

8. Contract law 2: Terms of the contract

9. Contract law 3: Enforcement of the contract

10. Contract law 4: Working with agents

11. Consumer protection and privacy law: Dealing with customers

12. Competition law: Dealing with other businesses

13. Intellectual property law: Protecting your creation

14. Managing a business 1: Start-up

15. Managing a business 2: Business ownership

16. Managing a business 3: Finance

17. Managing a business 4: Making payments and recovering debts

18. Managing a business 5: Insurance and taxes

19. Managing a business 6: Employment

20. Managing a business 7: Bankruptcy and liquidation

WileyPLUS Learning Space + E-Text: 9780730335672

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