Mar 15 2020

Online Education Database for 2015: Search Colleges By Location, education online.

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Education Database Online

Kaplan University

Education online

Education online

Google Map Search

Use your mouse to move and zoom an easy-to-use Google map to discover schools within any US region at any ariel view. Quickly adjust and update the map as needed.

Education online

Programs Certificates

Learn about which degree programs at every level are offered by schools of interest. Discover how many students have graduated at each level in the past from your desired program.

Education online

Social Media Integration

Find rankings, comments, tweets, questions, and Facebook posts about every school. Ask questions via social media directly to schools and your friends.

Education online

Local Guides

Find available apartments, condos, houses, etc. around the schools you are considering as well as popular local restaurants, night life, activities, and more.

Education online

School Matching

Not sure where to apply and/or attend? Use simple tools to be matched to a school based on your preferences and create a custom poll to get your friends’ advice.

Education online

Learning From Home

Save time and money via online education. An increasing number of accredited colleges and universities are offering online degrees and programs to help your career.

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