Mar 15 2020

Service Dog (Assistance Dog) Laws, Service Dog Central, service dogs laws.

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Service Dog Central


Service Dog (Assistance Dog) Laws

Service Dog Central provides information on laws and legal topics and is designed for informational purposes only. You must understand that this site does not provide legal advice and is not intended as a substitute for legal advice from a qualified attorney. If you need legal advice, or if you need someone to tell you how the law applies to your particular case, you should seek advice from a qualified attorney.

Information on laws and legal topics on this site are provided solely for the user\\\’s information. This information is intended to explain how the law would generally apply to certain hypothetical situations. It does not cover every nuance of the law nor is every relevant case explained. There are many factors that must be considered if the law must be applied to a real situation. The application of law to an individual case is highly dependent on the facts. Only a qualified attorney can explain how a law applies in a specific situation.

Text of some statutes is available on this site. Many governments copyright their statutes and regulations. Laws related to service dogs are grouped together to make study easier. Our organization system makes it easy to compare laws in various regions and countries for insight into how disability rights pertaining to service dogs are viewed by governments around the world. Actual text of most statutes has been copied here in the event the original source is not accessible due to dead links or server down time and to make comparison of statutes easier.

Many governments copyright their statutes and regulations. Excerpts of these laws are made available here under Fair Use copyright exemptions based on the following conditions:

  • This site is non-commercial; there are no advertisements and all services are provided for free
  • The use of copied material is for educational, research and discussion purposes only, not for financial gain
  • Only a small fraction of the overall work is copied
  • There are no financial losses to the copyright holder because the information is already freely available from the copyright holder and because references to the original material are given
  • If you are a copyright holder and believe your material has been used inappropriately, please contact us and we will remove your material immediately.

    When text of individual statutes is available, the source of our information is given so you may check for updates or errors in our copies. Please contact us if you find an error, an update, or a dead or changed link. We make every effort to ensure accuracy of our information and to keep it up to date. You are responsible for verifying for yourself whether this information is truly accurate.

    Official government statutes and regulations should be consulted for all purposes of interpreting and applying the law. For legal advice, consult a qualified attorney.

    Some sites for researching laws: has full text of laws concerning animals, including service animals, from around the world.

    The ADI law book (the \\\”little blue book\\\”) is no longer available for viewing online for free. The printed version is still available for sale and can be ordered from their site.

    Includes US state laws and Canadian province laws

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