Mar 15 2020

Why even gun laws that exist don t always get enforced, federal gun laws.

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Why even the gun laws that exist don’t always get enforced

Updated 1801 GMT (0201 HKT) January 9, 2016

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Federal gun laws


Obama’s emotional gun control speech in 90 seconds


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Obama’s emotional gun control speech in 90 seconds

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Duffy: Dems want to eradicate 2nd Amendment

Trump open to discussing ban on ‘bump stocks’

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History of the modern assault-style rifle

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Washington (CNN) Despite plenty of disagreement during President Barack Obama’s town hall on guns, there was one point on which he and his critics agreed: There isn’t enough enforcement of the laws already on the books.

If the goal is to save lives, then prosecute criminals, Mr. President! #2A #GunsinAmerica

Fewer gun cases than crimes

Federal gun laws


Poll: Americans favor Obama’s gun proposals


A tough call for prosecutors

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