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10 Changes Coming to Canada – s Immigration System With A New Government, canada immigration laws.

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10 Changes Coming to Canada s Immigration System With A New Government

Canada immigration laws

20 Oct, 2015 10 Changes Coming to Canada s Immigration System With A New Government

  • Canada immigration laws

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to my readers the new face of Canadian politics and the new Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau. Trudeau, the leader of Liberal Party of Canada, sky-rocketed his party s fortunes from third place to electoral victory and an absolute majority government in last night’s federal election.

While the dust is still settling from this historic change in governance, one thing is clear, Canadians gave Mr. Trudeau the helm of the country and a very strong mandate to evoke the change that Canadians aspire to see in our government.

In With the New, Out With the Old

Canada immigration laws

Mr. Trudeau and the Liberals will be replacing the current leadership, Stephen Harper and his Conservatives who have been in power just shy of ten years. While much can be said, both good and bad, about the decade-long Harper/Conservative legacy, his government has made sweeping changes in its tenure that have irrevocably transformed the Canadian Immigration landscape.

The Canadian Immigration File:

As a bit of background for anyone who doesn’t know, Justin Trudeau is no stranger to Canadian politics. In fact, Justin was born during his father’s tenure as Prime Minister in the 1970s. To attribute his victory solely to Canadians nostalgia over his father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, and his family’s political dynasty in Canada would be a disservice to Justin’s charisma, experience and insight into the mindset of the Canadian electorate.

Canada immigration laws

The Liberals: A Party for Newcomers

The Liberal Party of Canada has, for decades, traditionally been the most sympathetic Canadian political party when it comes to the immigration file. During Pierre Trudeau’s leadership in the 1970’s they pledged official support to the Canadian notion of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism, in a Canadian context, means integrating newcomers into Canadian society without forcing them to shed their own unique identity and culture. This progressive stance on multiculturalism helped define Canada as a nation that is accepting of immigrants and, not surprisingly, helped win the hearts and minds of many new Canadians.

10 Proposed Liberal Reforms to Canada’s Immigration System

  1. Double the number of immigration applications allowed for parents and grand-parents sponsorship from 5,000 to 10,000 visas per year.
  2. Double the budget for processing family class immigration applications to reduce wait times
  3. Increase points allocation to applicants who have siblings in Canada on their Express Entry application
  4. Lift the visa requirement for Mexican travel to Canada.
  5. Eliminate the $1000 Labour Market Impact Assessment fee for families seeking caregivers to care for family members with physical or mental disabilities.
  6. Restoring free access to healthcare for refugee/asylum seekers pending a decision on their case by the government.
  7. They have pledged to make it easier for international students to achieve Canadian Citizenship. The exact details are not specified, but they have stated they will do this by making adjustments to the Canadian Experience Class program that will ‘remove barriers’ to international students.
  8. Restore the Canadian Citizenship residency time credit for international students in Canada.
  9. Bypass the two year wait period for “conditional permanent residence” for spouses of sponsored individuals.
  10. Restore the maximum age for dependents from 19 to 22, making it easier for immigrants to bring their older children to Canada.

In Closing

As a party with a strong base of support from Canadian newcomers, the Liberals have a lot to live up to, in order to keep their constituents happy. But with a pledge of $500 million and a majority government, I think we can be cautiously optimistic that these changes will be enacted in a timely manner.

Congratulations Justin on a job well done.

Edwin Galarion

Hope i will go someday that s my dreaming place.. Ilovecanada!

Theresa Raquel Calicdan

Is it possible for the Prime Minister to eliminate the 4 in 4 out policy for the immigrants and temporary foreign workers?

Is it possible for the Prime Minister to decrease or lower the required points in passing the French exam for immi purposes?


Thanks God for this victory in the liberal party, in fact, to mr. Justin Trudeau, I realy appreciate your changes reforms to the immigration sistem, I´ll take advance of the assessment, because we are interested to change our familiar life, CONGRATS AGAIN, mr, Trudeau

P.S. Aguascalientes, México said HELLO CANADA.

Salman G

A very positive sign for the Canadian economy, society and for the immigrants.


It would be also great if the new Prime Minister will reduce the Citizenship Processing Fee.


I salute you mr prime minester justin for given considerate for all foreign worker thank you vey much .

Leonel Pantonilla

Hello, i would like to Congratulate our new Prime Minister Sir Justin Trudeau. I would like to raise my concern is there a chance Sir Justin that all TFW given a chance to apply for permanent residency given that we are only low skilled but we ve plenty of experienced such as skilled worker back in our country. I think in this topic will enter the said equality. Because we also have a dreams, goal, ambitions to achieve here at Canada and most of all we are all also have a Family that is need our support back in our country. We just want to make them all happy and give all their everyday needs. To do this we need an assurance that we can stay here with no hesitation and doub t to our self that one day we will go back to our country and go back on thesame living again. I hope this message will reach our new Elected Prime Minister and ww are hoping and counting on his words and action. Thank you so much. ?

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