Mar 16 2020

Associate Degree in Legal Practice (Paralegal) – RMIT University, paralegal degree online.

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Associate Degree in Legal Practice (Paralegal)

Sorry, this program is not available for local students.

Please contact Info Corner to discuss other study options.

Sorry, this program is not available for international students intending to study on a student visa.

If you hold a different visa type, you may be eligible. Please contact us for more information.

For more information about this program please refer to


The Associate Degree gives you a unique qualification that meets the complex demands of the legal paraprofessional (paralegal) market.

Specialised legal knowledge and high level, analytical and practical legal skill development are embedded in all the courses. Graduates are highly sought after within the legal industry.

You will learn from our highly passionate, supportive and experienced legal practitioners, and participate in a range of exciting, special events, including:

  • the RMIT Legal Practice firm (simulated legal office)
  • visiting guest speakers from the legal profession
  • moot court performances
  • practical placement in law firms or other legal agencies
  • working with community legal services
  • engaging in a range of legal practice events connecting with industry

As a student in our Legal Practice program you can join the RMIT Law Students Society, giving you more opportunities to become an integral part of our student community.

Studying legal practice at RMIT is a great way to enhance your career prospects, whether you are looking for pathways into further study or an immediate start in the world of work.

According to leading law firms, graduates from RMIT’s Legal Practice programs are employers’ number one choice in paralegals.

That’s the truth…the whole truth…and nothing but the truth!

Most of your classes will be held in RMIT’s Swanston Academic Building which features wireless connection to printers, the web and specialist learning resources, interactive lecture and tutorial spaces, lectorial theatres, small-group rooms and other innovative learning spaces as well as retail and social spaces.

RMIT offers a variety of learning and teaching approaches including lectures, seminars, studios, workshops, presentations, group discussions and syndicate work.

Through RMIT University’s online learning portal, myRMIT, you will be able to view online resources and learning activities created by lecturers, access course materials via Blackboard, collaborate with lecturers and fellow students, and access your student email account.

Educational software, the Learning Hub, resources and printers are accessible on campus via the RMIT wireless network using your own laptop, tablet or smart phone or via computer facilities on-campus. You will be able to access the same software from home using myDesktop.

Ongoing assessment throughout the semester includes examinations, essays, reports, oral classes, presentations, group projects, research projects and practical assignments.

In this program you will receive feedback from your supervisor and others when you undertake professional work and tasks while in employment.

Expand your learning experience through the work-integrated learning course, Professional Skills and Responsibility. The course requires you to undertake tasks such as simulated case studies, work relevant role plays, work placement and attend guest lectures from legal industry professionals.

You may choose to participate in an optional work placement in your final year. The Business internship elective 12 credit points) involves taking up a position in industry for one or two days per week for one semester. These positions are normally unpaid and are designed to develop your soft skills and increase your overall employability upon graduation. The placement must be self-sourced.

Guiding the development of the College of Business, both nationally and internationally, is an Industry Advisory Board of high-profile executives chaired by Gerhard Vorster, Chief Strategy Officer, Deloitte. The Board creates a strategic bridge between the latest in technology and design thinking and business.

RMIT University is committed to providing you with an education that strongly links formal learning with professional or vocational practice.

The program will provide an opportunity for entry into a wide range of legal careers. It will also further develop the existing skills of those already employed in the legal industry.

Paralegals are employed in organisations such as law firms, conveyancing firms, community agencies and government departments including the Department of Justice, Court Administration, the Victorian Government Solicitor, Public Prosecutors, Victorian Legal Aid and community legal centres.

Paralegals are also employed in commercial organisations and corporations in the banking, insurance and property sectors. They may also have specialised roles in legal fields like litigation, probate administration, criminal law, property and land law, family law, corporate and commercial law.

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