Mar 16 2020

Seton Hall Law School – Newark NJ, seton hall law.

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Seton hall law

  • Seton hall law

Making a Difference

through Pro Bono Work

Kevin McDonough ’05 contributes to final report

detailing the new role of Rikers Island in

New York City’s complex criminal justice system

  • Seton hall law

    On the Rise

    Annual Above the Law

    Top 50 Law School

    Seton Hall Law at #24

  • Seton hall law

    Two sisters, two different

    Seton Hall Law degrees

    The sisters are both amused and grateful that

    their separate paths converged at Seton Hall law.

    Brooke Emery ’19 (JD) and Leigh Emery ’18 (MSJ)

  • Seton hall law

    Developing Legal Skills

    Andrew Richman ’16 divides his week between his classes

    at Seton Hall Law and his passion – a legal externship

    in one of the world’s top sports agencies

  • Seton hall law

    Role Models for Law Students

    Recent elevations of Seton Hall Law alums

    to the New Jersey Superior Court

  • Seton hall law

    Your view of the City

    Law students with a path to practicing law

    in the largest legal market in the country

  • Seton hall law

    The Newark Experience

    Students share what it’s like to live, study and work

    in the biggest city in New Jersey

  • Seton hall law

    Center of Excellence | Health Law

    Surrounded by more than 3,000 health,

    technology and life sciences.




    Seton hall law

    From Opera Stages to Law Classrooms

    From music conservatories to Seton Hall Law School, two first year students graced the stage as opera singers prior to being aspiring lawyers. A Newark native, Caroline Braga is back home after at opera career that began at the ripe age of nine. She went to grade school at Wilson Avenue School, just down the street from where she now studies Contracts and Civil Procedure. Read More

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